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Reclining shade structure

Our shade structures are ideal to cover residential and commercial terraces and patios. These structures can take on multiple shapes to meet your needs. This way you have the choice between a reclining structure and a fixed one.

If you are looking for an alternative to the parasol, our “INSPIRATION” model is ideal to cover your terrace. Its self-supporting reclinable shade structure let’s you adjust the position of the sail according to the sunshine, get an optimal shade any time of the day!

Reclining shade structure

Product features

  • Easy installation
  • Resistant to strong wind
  • Reclinable by controller
  • Up to 98% UV protection
  • 50 sails colors available
  • Durable powder coated structure
  • 15 years warranty
  • Made in Canada

INSPIRATION 9: sail 3.0 m X 3.0 m

(floor space required 3.6 m X 3.6 m)

INSPIRATION 18: sail 4.3 m X 4.3 m

( floor space required 4.9 m X 4.9 m)

INSPIRATION 24: sail 4.9 m X 4.9 m

( floor space required 5.5 m X 5.5 m)
Note: The floor space required is 0.6 m larger than the sail


Fixed shade structure

Our « ZEN ZONE » model is the ideal custom made fixed structure to shelter your your dining and relaxation areas. You will enjoy it, especially if you wish to create a shade area in a defined space. Simple and self-hanging, it allows installations on terrace roofs and places where ground anchors are restrained or even impossible to install.


Product features

  • Easy to install (8 pieces)
  • Multiple positioning possibilities for the sail (multiple rings)
  • Strong wind resistant
  • Entirely custom-made
  • Up to 98% UV protection
  • 50 sails colors available
  • Made in Canada
  •  Powder coated durable structure
  •  15 years warranty