Shade Sails Ontario

Installation services

Turnkey Project

Our team of experienced professionals takes up every installation challenge, from residential to larger-scale projects. Thanks to our turnkey service, we take care of your project from A to Z in a flash! Our Shade sails are custom-made to adapt to every situation. They can be fixed to already existing installations, posts, or on the wall of a building.

Our sails of great visual elegance create a refreshing place of relaxation on the patio, near the pool or over the children’s playground. Choosing our shade sail means enjoying a cool, comfortable and safe zone blocking up to 98% of UV rays. They are also a great way to embellish municipal parks and meeting locations.

Frequently asked questions

I live in a very windy area, it worries me, are your sails wind resistant?

Our shade sails are made to support winds up to 100 km/h, provided they are well installed and well stretched. We recommend removing your shade sail if violent winds are announced (big storm, cyclone, hurricane, etc.) The secret to a good shade sail installation is in the anchors. They must be very resistant and reliable. Your sail must be well stretched, just like a violin string. The sail’s center can gently lift with the wind but not too much. If your sail tosses softly in the wind with sudden and significant movements, your installation will not last.

Are shade sails waterproof ?

The shade sails made with the Monotec 370, Extrablock 330 and Shadetec 320 have been specifically made to protect from the sun and not from rain. The weaving of the fabric allows hot air to circulate, creating a refreshing effect. However, our sails can protect from passing light rain and morning and evening dew. They are what we call “Showerproof.”

If you want an environment sheltered from heavy rain, the shade sail is not the right product for your needs. Do not forget that when it rains heavily, usually the wind blows, the temperature goes down, and the rain comes sideways!

Do your fabrics require a lot of maintenance?

Our shade sails require very low maintenance. Since the weaving is made from high-density plastic, it does not absorb water or stains. Generally, a simple rinse with a garden hose is enough (no high pressure). If needed, use soapy water and a soft brush. It only takes a few minutes to install and uninstall the sail. We recommend storing it in a tempered space sheltered from frost.

Can I install a shade sail on a wooden post?

Wooden masts and posts are not recommended. A good shade sail, well-installed, creates a lot of tension on the anchor points. Even a 6″ steel pole can lightly bend. If you want to use wooden posts, they must be at least 6×6, with a small to medium size sail at the maximum. Big wooden posts like telephone posts can be used. The grip on the ground must be very deep and solid. Note that with time the posts are still going to bend. Pergola-type wooden structures can also be used; provided that the sail is stretched inside the structure, it can not simply be used as an anchor point for a sail outside the structure. Every installation is unique, and a case-by-case analysis is required.

Why are the poles installed at an angle?

A good shade sail, well-installed, generates a lot of tension on the anchor points. As a result, every post, even the bigger ones, has a light bending toward the middle of the sail.

If you install the post perfectly when the sail is at full tension, the poles will slightly incline, and the installation will look low quality. Installing a pole at an angle opposite to the center of the sail visually eliminates the bending of the pole once the sail is well stretched.

Can I hook my sail to my fence?

Generally, fences are not solid enough. They are not made to support high lateral force. This is not entirely impossible, but a case-by-case analysis is required since every project is unique.